About Jennifer Barrell, CNS, LDN

Certified Nutrition Specialist – Licensed Dietitian/ Nutritionist

Jennifer Barrell  has a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from College of Western States.  She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian/ Nutritionist.   She has over 10 years experience as a chef and more than 8 years as an educator both in the classroom and in administration.  She has now turned her focus to nutrition education and counseling using the principles of functional medicine.  With her passion for science and research combined with her love for cooking,  she is able to identify clinical issues and develop personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy, lifestyle and meal plans.  Her focus is family nutrition dealing with clinical conditions including gut, food allergies and sensitivities as well as many other conditions.  She also helps people succeed in personalized weight management programs as well as nutrition for prevention and anti-aging.   

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time at the beach and playing music with her two lovely daughters and husband.