Alyson Hornby

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Licensed Dietitian / Nutritionist

Alyson Hornby graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Minnesota. She completed her dietetic internship focusing on integrative nutrition through Sodexo here in Southwest Florida. During her internship, Alyson had the opportunity to intern at D-Signed Nutrition and work under Dee Harris learning the art of functional nutrition. Through her own personal health journey, Alyson has discovered the healing power of whole foods, stress management, and quality supplements.

With her passionate and empathetic listening style, she is ready to educate and guide her patients to better health using a functional approach. She loves meeting each person where they are and assessing what dietary and lifestyle habits she can help them shift, whether big or small.

Alyson is our full-time in-office dietitian and is available Monday through Friday. She is currently booking appointments for medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling. A medical nutrition therapy session addresses routine bloodwork, functional labs, genetics, gut health, hormones, fertility, environmental sensitivities, food and histamine intolerances, as well as autoimmune disease and other chronic health concerns. A nutrition counseling session may include weight management, menu planning, and food product selections. To expand on education for food product selections, Alyson is offering hourly personalized, local grocery store tours for hands-on recommendations to fit your individual nutrition plan for success.