A Simple Approach to Prediabetes

For most things in life, prevention is far simpler than reaction. At D-Signed Nutrition we take bloodwork seriously because it’s the first indication of little shifts in your health. Whether the shifts in your bloodwork are due to stress, nutritional deficiencies, or environmental burdens, once we see these, we can make recommendations to get your… Read more »

What is the Difference Between Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity, and Food Intolerance?

Do you suspect you are more reactive to foods?  Your immune system reacts in multiple ways that may result in a food allergy, food sensitivity, or intolerance.  The reaction to food is an abnormal response in the gut that occurs for many different reasons.  It can also occur at any age.  Let’s explore the differences… Read more »

Why Do I Need CoQ10 if I am on a Statin Drug?

Why should I take CoQ 10 if I am on a statin drug to lower cholesterol?Why didn’t my doctor tell me to take CoQ10 when I was prescribed a cholesterol-lowering drug?My doctor said I only need CoQ10 while on a statin drug if I am having muscle aches. Why is my nutritionist telling me that… Read more »

Nutrition & Supplements to Prevent Bone Loss – Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

FOCUS ON BONE HEALTH Imagine a building where the inner structure starts to deteriorate.  What would happen if the wood frame is eaten by termites and cannot hold up the structure?  We have all seen these buildings and shacks on the side of the road at one time or another.  These buildings are usually condemned… Read more »

Vitamin D: An Important Key to Optimal Health

Are you tired of feeling sick or depressed?  Is your immune system compromised?  Do you feel older than you are?  Consider nutrition to help you get back on the right path.  A Vitamin D deficiency may be contributing to poor health. Vitamin D: What is it? Vitamin D or the “Sunshine Vitamin” is an essential… Read more »

Easy Blueberry Crisp

Blueberries are a nutritional powerhouse offering antioxidants that have been shown to reduce DNA damage by reducing free radicals.  This helps to protect our brain, heart, cardiovascular system, and immune system.  We often find blueberries in dessert recipes, which may be less healthy because of high amounts of sugar and fat.  Here is an easy… Read more »

It’s Blueberry Time!

Summer is here, and there’s nothing quite like the refreshing taste of berries during this hot month of July. Luckily, blueberry season is at its peak this month. So much so, that July is nicknamed National Blueberry Month! But blueberries aren’t just praised for their refreshing summery flavor. They also have numerous amounts of health… Read more »

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Do you have a yearning for the taste of pumpkin pie without the guilt? Here is a great option for you during the fall season. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats 1/2 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1/2 cup pumpkin puree 4 tablespoon pure maple syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup Old-Fashioned 4 teaspoons chia seeds 1 teaspoon cinnamon Instructions: Mix all wet ingredients first…. Read more »

Broccoli & Cauliflower Detox Salad

Munch on these tasty cruciferous vegetables while detoxing your liver! Health tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water to promote blood circulation and help absorb the nutrients. Ingredients Nutritional Info. 2c Broccoli (chopped)1c Cauliflower (chopped)1T Extra virgin olive oil1 Lemon (juice) 1/8t salt   Calories 220 kcalCarbs 14gProtein 7Fat 15g  Fiber 7g, Sugar 6g,… Read more »

The Poisonous Apple

One of the primary ways that new plants spread and grow involves the dispersal of the seeds. Animals eat fruit, and the seeds of the ingested fruit get dispersed through the digestive system of the animals. We know that animals only eat ripe fruit, but how do they know not to eat the unripe fruit?… Read more »