1. How do you work with patients?

D-Signed Nutrition is an inclusive patient-centered practice. We partner with our patients and their physicians and work hard to assess the underlying causes of complex chronic diseases. We apply individualized strategies such as nutrition, diet, and health coaching to treat and prevent these illnesses in our patients. We do this by integrating traditional Western medicine with science-based alternative and integrative medical modalities.

2. What makes you different?

We excel in 4 areas:

We spend considerable time and discipline analyzing the patients’ condition utilizing a variety of methodologies and diagnostic tools to identify and resolve the root cause issues.
We meet and exceed complex patient needs through our unique partnership emphasis designed to establish a foundation of trust, confidence and patient empowerment, and satisfaction.
We view wellness and vitality in a manner that emphasizes a long-term perspective. Feeling better and staying healthy requires continuous focus, discipline, vigiligence and support. Through Health Coaching we’re committed to providing necessary support and “fine-tuning” to maintain success and your satisfaction with our services.
We’ve been successful in many instances, though not all, in helping patients resolve complex, chronic wellness issues they’ve heretofore been unable to achieve elsewhere.

3. What is Functional Medicine and how is it incorporated into your practice?

Functional Medicine (sometimes called Integrative Medicine) uses science-based methodologies to identify the underlying root causes of disease through patient-centered care. Functional Medicine closely studies and examines the maze of interactions in a patient’s history by integrating all aspects and tools available from both traditional Western medicine as well as alternative methodologies. Functional Medicine focuses on prevention by addressing all aspects of the patient’s lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and stress management. This process emphasizes balance and harmonization of body, mind, and spirit. Our practice philosophy considers the whole patient and range of needs. Functional Medicine and conventional Western Medicine practices are not mutually exclusive. Our ultimate goal is to help patients feel better which may result in a necessary blending of the methodologies. Whenever possible, our preference is to focus on patient Wellness plans through a Functional Medicine approach when evaluating the patient’s range of options.

4. What must I bring to my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, we’ll send you a Patient Packet with forms that need to be completed and sent back to us prior to your first visit. Also, please bring all Supplements and Medications in their bottles as well as any Lab Results you may have from other health practitioners.

5. Can you order lab tests?

Yes, we can order specialty lab tests and will work with your primary care physician to coordinate lab testing.

6. Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance. However, we’re happy to prepare and provide an itemized super-bill which you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. We are not Medicare providers.

7. Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards/ debit cards and personal checks.

8. May I bring my Spouse or Primary Care Giver to my appointment?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your spouse, family members, or those who will be directly supporting you on your Wellness Path. Support from those we love and care for is very important!

9. If I’m not local or return to my offseason residence how do I continue working with you?

We strongly recommend staying in close contact to assure continuity and ongoing communication. Fortunately, thanks to technology, we’re capable of providing services, support, and monitoring to keep you on track! Videoconferencing Technology is a simple and efficient way to communicate, whether through Zoom or conference calls.   We’ve successfully helped patients incorporate these communication strategies into our relationship together making it seamless to maintain necessary support while out of town.

10. Do you provide Concierge Programs?

Yes, we have considerable experience working with clients who require Concierge-level services. Our Concierge programs are structured on an individualized/ family basis to address a unique set of needs and expectations. Services are customized, comprehensive in scope, and targeted in a manner to meet patient requirements. We’d be pleased to discuss our approach to a Concierge Program in order to help you understand program benefits and expectations in greater detail.

11. What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24-hour notice if an appointment must be canceled.

12. How do i reset my ChARM password?

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