Back to school: Transition Time for Better Nutrition and Health

Wooden crate full of apples with space for text

     Although fall hasn’t arrived on the calendar yet, “back to school” is a time for transition.  The post Labor Day effect may affect almost everyone, even if you aren’t in school yourself or waking a little one up daily to get the bus.  Labor Day heralds in the beginning of fall and the end of summer.  We are now in a transition time between summer and the holidays. This is also a time for reflection on our own diet and health habits.

If you got off track on vacation, it’s time to regroup. Here are some great ideas…

  • Put your workout time on your calendar. Making time for your self may be difficult. By blocking out time on your schedule, you will add importance and purpose to completing your workout.
  • If you are on the road or at work, plan healthy lunches and snacks. Pack them the night before so you are not in such a rush in the morning that you are resorting to quick and less healthy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Nuts and seeds are great go-to snacks and can be carried anywhere. Remember to incorporate vegetables in all meals. Pack salads and add more color by grating carrots, adding roasted red peppers, red cabbage and sprouts. Remember that eating in color helps prevent disease.   Add veggies to sandwich wraps and sandwiches.   Healthy lunches are best when lower in carbohydrate and higher in veggies.
  • Mindful eating- Enjoy what you eat. Try not to eat in the car on the road. Take time to eat and digest. Your belly and body will thank you in many ways. Just by slowing down eating and “tasting” your food, you improve absorption of nutrients and maintain function. You will also help to avoid future gut problems.
  • Speaking of our gut, don’t forget to keep our gut bacteria (microbiome) happy. Did you know that our gut bacteria are our first line of defense against infections. Going into cold and flu season, it is important to eat fermented foods and take a good probiotic with multi- strains.
  • Try to eat more organic foods. Try to avoid foods and supplements loaded with food dyes, chemicals and preservatives. We find these foods interfere with our cells and DNA and eventually cause a decline in our health. Prevention is the cure for many diseases.

 We at D-Signed Nutrition will be happy to help you with a “Nutrition Check Up” to personalize your diet and health plan! Please call today for more information 239-676-0249.