Beet and Watermelon Salad with a Hint of Mint

Boost your Nitric Oxide with this refreshing salad!

Beet, Watermelon, Mint Salad

Makes 4


2 cups Roasted Beets

2 cups Seedless Watermelon- chunks

3 cups Spinach

Red onion- sliced thin

15 Mint leaves- snipped

¼ cup Pistachios for garnish

½ cup Crumbled goat or sheep feta cheese


¼ cup Champagne or Sherry Vinegar

½ cup Olive Oil

Orange zest of one medium orange

Salt, pepper to taste

Mix dressing in a jar and shake well before spooning onto salads.

For Salad:

Divide spinach on 4 plates. Build the salads on each plate- ½ cup watermelon, ½ cup beets, top with thinly sliced red onion- about 5-6 thin pieces.   Top with snipped or cut mint leaves, 1 tbsp pistachios and 1 tbsp crumbled goat cheese.

Drizzle with 1 tablespoon of dressing on each salad (or to taste).