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What is the Difference Between Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity, and Food Intolerance?

Do you suspect you are more reactive to foods?  Your immune system reacts in multiple ways that may result in a food allergy, food sensitivity, or intolerance.  The reaction to food is an abnormal response in the gut that occurs for many different reasons.  It can also occur at any age.  Let’s explore the differences… Read more »

Why Do I Need CoQ10 if I am on a Statin Drug?

Why should I take CoQ 10 if I am on a statin drug to lower cholesterol?Why didn’t my doctor tell me to take CoQ10 when I was prescribed a cholesterol-lowering drug?My doctor said I only need CoQ10 while on a statin drug if I am having muscle aches. Why is my nutritionist telling me that… Read more »