Detox Diet Plans

Detox Diet Plans Bonita Springs

Detox and Biotransformation

Detoxification is imperative for the body to function properly as it transforms and removes harmful and non-harmful substances from the body. Detoxification is something we should all be supporting daily, as we are constantly encountering toxins in our food, environment and products. It is a continual process with different phases in the liver that need to be supported. Phase I and phase II both require a different set of nutrients and enzymes or cofactors to ensure they are doing their job properly. Another important factor in using a detox is their genetic makeup because some SNPs (genetic variants) naturally impede our ability to detox and may need additional nutrients on board for an effective detox.

Symptoms of impaired detox include but are not limited to: headaches, mood changes, memory issues, skin issues, hormonal imbalance, fatigue & disrupted sleep, digestive issues, cravings, frequent urination, changes in bowel movements.

We examine past exposures to toxicants: where did you work? Grow up? What diet have you eaten consistently? What medications have you taken regularly? All of these affect our toxic load over a lifetime. Our ability to detox can be affected by: Age, body composition, diet, environmental factors, genetic predisposition, enzyme inhibition or induction, medication, nutritional status, pre-existing pathology, and sex.

Testing can also help determine your toxic load: the Enviro-TOX via Great Plains tests for 18 parent chemicals such as POPs, a heavy metal analysis can tell us what the mercury, cadmium and other metals levels are. These tests pinpoint a baseline and can help us tailor a more specific detox plan. Before ensuring proper detox and biotransformation, we must determine current health status as well. A detailed history and conventional blood work can help us understand how much your liver needs to be supported. Detoxification is complicated, but necessary and we can help with an effective detox to support healing and prevention of disease.

A detox plan and diet includes eliminating toxic sources.  So, we recommend a whole foods, organic diet with many vegetables.  Usually, we combine this with an elimination diet to reset the immune system, if we suspect food sensitivities.  Supporting the body with many nutrients and protein, will help the liver detox.  We review the chemical exposure through your environment and make recommendations and alternatives for cleaning agents and personal care products.