Immune System Nutrition

Assess and keep your immune system strong:

“Do I know if my immune system is strong enough to fight a bacteria or a virus?” “Have I taken my health for granted?”  Living through a pandemic gave us the opportunity to rethink our priorities.

Viruses are known to stimulate a part of the immune system which causes the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals. These are potentially severe enough to damage the lining of the respiratory system.  We now know that other organ systems may be affected.  So, the goal is to prevent the inflammatory storm. 

How are we supposed to do this? We cannot always depend on vaccines.   Nor can we be hermits for and live in fear. Viruses will always be a threat.  We need to take personal responsibility to be as healthy as possible and obtain knowledge that will arm our immune system to fight this threat from within. 

The immune system depends on many nutrients to function properly.  A quality, well-balanced diet that is concentrated in nutrients is key.  A healthy body also needs exercise, proper sleep, and a lowered stress response.  Many of our routines were disrupted by the COVID-19 quarantine.  Stress levels were higher, sleep may have been disrupted and our food plans were altered.  This leads to increased cases of weight gain and immune complaints.

Our office specializes in customizing food plans for healthy living. At D-Signed Nutrition, we help address weaknesses in the immune system including hyperimmune responses and mast cell activation. Call today for an appointment.