Kaitlyn Haley MS, HNFM

MS, HNFM, Health Coach

Kaitlyn Haley holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States and a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Behavior from the University of Florida. She chose the Functional Medicine focus after experiencing health issues of her own. By putting into practice what she was learning Kaitlyn was able to get to the root cause of her symptoms. Now with her advanced degree in functional nutrition, Kaitlyn is ready to help others reach their own health triumphs.  

Kaitlyn has a strong love for cooking and meal prepping. She is active on social media and shares easy tips to integrate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle. Kaitlyn is also passionate about creating a non-toxic environment in the living space. She has learned from experience that external toxins can be causing hidden impacts on your health. Utilizing functional testing can allow Kaitlyn to create individualized meal, supplement, and lifestyle plans for patients seeking healthy living or relief from medical challenges.