Keep Your Family Feeling Fabulous

Dietary needs are different for every member of your family whether they are male, female, a child, or pregnant. This may seem overwhelming but there are basic aspects to focus on for each. Since males are at a higher risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease, it is important for them to keep their level of Vitamin D and Omega-3 adequate. Low levels of both Vitamin D and Omega-3 in males has been linked to a higher probability of stroke and heart disease. Since women are at higher risk for developing Osteoporosis, a proper bone health formula that contains Calcium is recommended. Children are still developing and need to be taking a proper multi-vitamin that is free of added sugars and artificial dyes. As for pregnant women, an adequate level of Folic Acid is essential, as Folic Acid is vital for proper growth and development of a fetus. Furthermore, women who are pregnant should be sure that any Folic Acid supplement consumed is Methylated, or in the activated form.