Lose Stubborn Pounds

If diets just aren’t cutting it for you when it comes to weight loss it may be time to make some life changes. Losing weight is not just about how much you exercise and cutting calories. By making these simple life changes your weight will finally start to budge. Let’s start with your kitchen. Cook at home as often as possible. This way you can control exactly what ingredients you are using for your meals. Make sure you know where your kitchen utensils are located and that they are easily accessible for meal preparation. Use smaller plates for your meals as this will trick your brain into thinking portion sizes are larger. Refresh your spice cabinet and condiment supply so that you have all the ingredients on hand that may be called for in a recipe. Prepare healthy snacks that are easily accessible, such as sliced vegetables and fruits, and arrange them in the most visible areas in your fridge. Now lets move onto the bedroom. Not getting enough sleep increases the stress hormone, Cortisol, in your body. Ensure that your bedroom is a safe haven to fall asleep in at the end of the day. Lastly, make grocery shopping a priority every week. If you haven’t noticed the trend, being prepared is the theme here. By having healthy ingredients on hand, your meals will be effortlessly healthier and the pounds will disappear.