Metabolic Disease & Disorder Nutrition

Metabolic Nutritionist in Naples


Metabolic disorders such as Type-2 diabetes and hypertension are some of the leading causes of death today. Ailments such as these are almost entirely attributed to lifestyle choices such as a poor diet, inactivity, tobacco or alcohol use.

Inflammation is often at the root of many of these metabolic issues.

At D-Signed Nutrition we can offer a customized diet and supplement plan to suit your specific nutrient needs and metabolic pathways, as well as lifestyle recommendations to best suit your daily routine. Sometimes it can be as simple as replenishing micronutrients that the body is unable to absorb or needs more of.

For instance, people with diabetes typically require vitamin C due to the fact that glucose competes with vitamin C for insulin carrier mechanisms (Gaby, 2011). Food sources rich in vitamin C include papaya and other orange foods, red peppers, and broccoli.

Assessment strategies: Correcting metabolic disorders may involve labs such as genetic testing and analysis or blood work.

Interventions employed: Diet change and stress management are two keys in the management of metabolic ailments.

Reference: Gaby, A. (2011) Diabetes mellitus. Nutritional Medicine. 1094-1095.