Nutrition & Stress Management

Cortisol can wreak havoc on the body and mind. Without proper stress management, all of the most readily bioavailable nutrients cannot do their job properly.

In order for a healthful diet to be fully effective, the body must be ready to absorb, process, and distribute the nutrients.  Unmanaged long-term stress can lead to and/or be affected by adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, Proper stress management is absolutely crucial in today’s society as stress in unavoidable.

The key is how we handle it.

Assessment strategies: Stress can be determined through our initial consultation and through the intake paperwork. It is imperative that each client is thorough as they fill out all of the intake paperwork. Although it may seem lengthy, it is designed to promote reflection.

Interventions employed: Mindfulness is key in managing stress. We practice this through yoga or other guided meditation, deep breathing exercise or finding an activity that incites focus.

Reference: Gaby, A. (2011) Diabetes mellitus. Nutritional Medicine. 1094-1095.