Weight Management Programs

Functional medicine looks upstream to find the root cause of the problem. Instead of focusing primarily on the usual suspects (symptoms), we strive to find and remedy the underlying cause of the symptoms. When struggling with weight management there could potentially be many factors at play besides calories in and calories out.

At D-Signed Nutrition we look at the body as a variety of systems to evaluate how they are functioning singularly and synergistically, ultimately determining the root cause of the issue. Weight management issues could be affected by a hormone imbalance, genetics, stress, an imbalance in the gut flora, inflammation or environmental factors.

Many people feel they are eating properly and still have issues. The proper diet is crucial, however; it could be an uphill battle without ensuring the rest of the body’s systems are working properly. Schedule a visit today to see how we can help change your life with a weight loss plan.

Assessment strategies: Initially we need to understand what the current diet consists of; usually a 3-day diet diary is satisfactory. Other assessments include blood work, stool analysis, and genetic testing.

Interventions employed: Finding a weight management solution involves careful diet planning with attention to the amount, timing and combination of micro and macro nutrients. Being active is also crucial!

Reference: Gaby, A. (2011) Diabetes mellitus. Nutritional Medicine. 1094-1095.