Nutrition for Cancer Patients - Support & Hope In Cancer Care

nutrition for cancer patients NaplesIt is shocking to hear the diagnosis of “cancer”. We at D-Signed Nutrition are very empathetic to our patients who are presented with this diagnosis. We believe that the body has the ability to heal over time, as you go through your journey.   With this driving our philosophy, we offer hope and compassion while we develop personalized nutritional plans that are chock full of healthy foods to help you complement your cancer treatment plan.

We are very knowledgeable of the various treatment modalities for all types of cancer and have the ability to work within the conventional medical system as well as educating a patient on alternative protocols and approaches. We address the side effects and symptoms resulting from therapies. These could include stress management, anxiety, gastric complaints, sleep disturbances and mood issues. Using the tools of nutrition, relaxation techniques and lifestyle recommendations, we are here to support you all the way through your treatment and recovery.

The best way to cure cancer is to prevent it.  We offer programs to assess genetics and family history to help develop a nutrition and lifestyle program to lower future risks.