Your Skin is Your Largest Organ

Don’t Forget About Your Largest Organ!

Our skin is our largest organ and biggest barrier against fighting infections. It aids in regulating systems in the body and helps with the absorption of vitamin D, which aids in fighting against different cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neuromuscular problems. As nutritionists, we preach about the importance of caring for your gut, as that is the route of all health problems, but the importance of caring for your skin and ridding unnecessary toxins from the body shows just as high importance.

The key to healthy skin is consistency and routine! There are many benefits that come with healthy skin, these include:

  • Complexion
  • Elasticity
  • Unclogged pores
  • Less chemicals and toxins
  • Moist skin with a strong barrier

Not only are there benefits for your skin with a healthy and regular routine, but it also can be relaxing for your body and lower stress levels. After a long day, a hydrating face mask or rubbing of essential oils on your skin can be meditating and good time for yourself to unwind, which has many different benefits of its own. It is also important to moisturize daily as this prevents cracks in the skin, which makes it harder for infections to find their way into their body.

Certain chemicals applied to your skin can be absorbed by the body and cause harm to your cells and organ systems. It is very important to make sure that we are aware of the products, like makeup, deodorant, or moisturizer, we are putting in contact with our skin. For makeup and skin creams, you should avoid products with phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, alcohols, and fragrances. Products free of these chemicals can be found at any health food store. For a moisturizer, you should use antioxidant creams on your skin with low solvent products with CoQ10, vitamin C, possibly DMAE and botanical squalene. For deodorants, you should avoid aluminum containing antiperspirants and antacids. If you are not interested in going shopping for these products at the store, Thrive Market is a great online tool for shopping with organic and non-toxic products.

Your skin is worth protecting, not only for internal purposes, but because you wear it every day and you will for the rest of your life! Make sure you are properly taking care of it!