Registered Dietitian & Licensed Nutritionist in Lehigh Acres

If you are currently dealing with a health condition that is taking a toll on you, you might not think you have many options as far as coping with or even eliminating the symptoms associated with the condition. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! D-Signed Nutrition specializes in helping people improve their health dramatically by working with a Lehigh Acres FL registered dietitian-nutritionist and health coach. You will find ways to achieve a better balance in your life when you come to us, and before long, you will look and feel better, too. You will also get a better understanding of how your diet impacts your health as a whole.

Lehigh Acres FL Health Coach, Wellness Consultants & Nutrition Counseling for Health Conditions

When you call on D-Signed Nutrition for assistance with your diet or lifestyle, we will begin by setting up with a consultation with a Lehigh Acres FL registered dietitian-nutritionist and health coach. Our wellness consultants are trained to spot potential problems in a person’s approach to health and to provide nutrition counseling for health conditions. You will enjoy your one-on-one time with your health coach, and it won’t be long before you’re reaping the benefits of having a health coach in the first place.


One of the things you will learn from your Lehigh Acres FL registered dietitian-nutritionist and health coach is the role nutrigenomics plays in your health. There are many people who are more likely to deal with certain health conditions because of their genetic makeup, and nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction between nutrition and genes. By wrapping your head around nutrigenomics, you will be able to use your diet and nutrition to reduce the effects genes have on your health. You may even be able to reduce your chances of dealing with diseases, disorders, and conditions that come about because of an unbalanced diet.

Diseases, Disorders & Conditions – Diet & Health Coaching

  • Metabolic Diseases & Disorders – Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular
  • Food Sensitivities, Food Intolerance & Allergies – Irritated/Flattened Intestines, Lactose Intolerant (Nutrition & Diet Therapy)
  • Weight Management – Overweight or underweight Management Programs
  • Gastric Issues – Reflux, stomach pain, poor digestion, gas, bloating, burping, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Immune support – For Autoimmune, Inflammation, Arthritis
  • Neurological Disorders – Nutrition For Brain Health & Neurological Disorders- Including Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, MS, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Autism, ADHD, Headaches
  • Stress Management – Physical & Psychological, Short-Term Stress & Long-Term Stress

Nutrition Plan Creation for Optimal Health

  • Detox – Healthy Detox, Support Cellular, Liver, Bowel Function
  • Nutrition for Performance – Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition, Lifestyle & Cancer – Prevention, nutrition during and after treatment
  • Overall Nutrition & Health – Improving Day To Day Wellness

Diet Plans – Meal Planning, Mindful Eating Specialist (Menus & Recipes)

If you want to change the way you eat dramatically, D-Signed Nutrition can tell you all about the value of establishing new diet plans. Your Lehigh Acres FL registered dietitian-nutritionist and health coach will also serve as your mindful eating specialist and set you up with menus and recipes that will change the way you eat. You will get more nutrients and vitamins into your diet with the proper meal planning.

Nutrition Programs – Holistic & Natural Medicine Advocate in Lehigh Acres FL

D-Signed Nutrition realizes that different people require different nutrition programs. We strive to provide clients with personalized programs that will address certain deficiencies they are dealing with. You can also speak with a holistic and natural medicine advocate in Lehigh Acres FL who can recommend how to deal with health conditions holistically. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with our health recommendations, and we’ll do whatever we can to see to it that you have a great change for success.

Nutrition, Dieting & Lifestyle Workshops, Classes or Seminars for Lehigh Acres FL

In addition to providing plenty of one-on-one attention to our clients, D-Signed Nutrition also offers workshops, classes, and seminars on topics involving nutrition, dieting, and lifestyle. You will achieve greater success when working with a Lehigh Acres FL registered dietitian-nutritionist and health coach by supplementing your individual consultations with group activities.

Do you want to find out more about working closely with a Lehigh Acres FL registered dietitian-nutritionist and health coach? Call D-Signed Nutrition at 239-676-5249 today with any questions you might have.