Healthy Travel Tips For A Feel Good Vacation

  Maintaining a routine while traveling can certainly be a challenge, and healthy eating and exercise habits are most at risk. Remember, our bodies are creatures of habit, but when we get off schedule during vacation times, our cells rebel. This may cause some of us to experience gastric changes such as bloating, diarrhea, and… Read more »

Fermented Food Facts

Fermented Foods The process of fermenting foods has been practiced for many years all around the world as a form of preservation, but did you know that fermented foods also offer a wide variety of health benefits for your whole body?  Our digestive tracts can contain more than 1,000 different types of beneficial bacteria that… Read more »

Nutrition in Cancer Care and Prevention

Dee Harris, RDN, LDN, CDE It is always a shock to hear that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.  Our immune system usually takes care of  cancer cells, but it takes multiple breaches of our system over time to actually develop a tumor.  So, prevention is key.  But, if you happen to be diagnosed with cancer,… Read more »

Detox Diary Day 1

By Dee Harris, RDN, LDN, CDE,   January 5, 2015 Ok. It is the first week of the new year and I am committed to make some changes. This year, I wanted a clean start for my mind and body. So I started cleaning out closets and cabinets to have more orderly surroundings. To me,… Read more »

How to Look and Feel Younger

One of the reasons cells begin to age is because of environmental toxins, or free radicals. These free radicals begin to oxidize inside the body. By ingesting foods that contain antioxidants you can reverse cellular aging. Some foods with high levels of antioxidants include berries, broccoli, garlic, and walnuts. Try and add one or more… Read more »

Keep Your Family Feeling Fabulous

Dietary needs are different for every member of your family whether they are male, female, a child, or pregnant. This may seem overwhelming but there are basic aspects to focus on for each. Since males are at a higher risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease, it is important for them to keep… Read more »

Lose Stubborn Pounds

If diets just aren’t cutting it for you when it comes to weight loss it may be time to make some life changes. Losing weight is not just about how much you exercise and cutting calories. By making these simple life changes your weight will finally start to budge. Let’s start with your kitchen. Cook… Read more »

Invest in Your Health

It has become common practice to treat illnesses once they arise. It is imperative for our society to begin taking preventative measures towards good health. By following these simple guidelines you may be able to prevent disease from ever developing. Eat fresh, organic when possible, fruits and veggies as close to the state you buy… Read more »

Weight Management: Hormonal Influence

When it comes to weight management, we have all heard the sayings “It’s about calories in versus calories burned” and “it’s all about will power”.  It may be all about balance, but not just the balance of calories taken in versus calories burned by exercise and daily living.  What science is telling us more recently,… Read more »